About KLEC

Brief History of the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission

In 1993, the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission was established by an extraordinary session of the General Assembly which enacted the Code of Legislative Ethics. The Commission is an independent authority within the Legislative Department of state government. It is charged with the enforcement of the Code and is composed of nine citizen members. The Code regulates conduct by legislators, lobbyists and the employers of lobbyists. Before 1993 a Board of Ethics made up of legislators oversaw legislative ethics while oversight of lobbyists was with the Office of the Attorney General.


Kentucky Revised Statutes 6.601 to 6.849 authorize KLEC and provide the Code of Legislative Ethics.

Kentucky Administrative Regulations 2 KAR 2:010 to 2:040 specify forms for registration and financial reporting required by the Code.

KLEC has jurisdiction over:

  • Legislative agents (lobbyists),
  • Employers (individuals or entities who engage legislative agents), and
  • Members of the General Assembly.

The legislative ethics law covers four broad subject matters:

  • Registration of legislative agents and employers;
  • Statements by legislative agents and employers of:
    • lobbying expenditures and expenses, and
      financial transactions;
  • Conduct of members of the General Assembly; and
  • Financial disclosure statements of the General Assembly, legislative candidates, and key legislative staff.

KLEC Policy on Contract Overhead Costs

At its June 12, 2012 meeting the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission adopted the following policy:

If the Legislative Ethics Commission determines it has a need for specialized services, including but not limited to information technology or research services, which cannot be performed by the Commission’s staff, the Commission may contract with any entity to perform the needed service. Any contract for services entered into by the Commission shall include a limit of ten percent (10%) of the contract amount allocated to overhead or indirect costs.

About KLEC