Attendance at Events

What events may a legislator or his/her spouse attend?

KRS 6.611(2)(b) and 6.821(2)

  1. Events to which all Senate, House members, or both, are invited (see OLEC 93-10, OLEC 93-16);
  2. Events to which all members of a joint committee or task force of the Senate and House are invited;
  3. Events to which an LRC-approved caucus of legislators is invited;
  4. Events sponsored or coordinated by a state or local government entity, including a state institution of higher education, provided that the cost is covered by the entity;
  5. Events to which an individual legislator who has received LRC approval is invited; however, transportation, lodging, and other ancillary expenses may not be accepted;
  6. Events sponsored or coordinated by multistate or national organizations of, or including, state governments, state legislatures, or state legislators if approved in advance by the LRC;
  7. Events sponsored by or in conjunction with a civic, charitable, governmental, trade association, or community organization. [KRS 6.611(2)(b)(8), (11) and (12).] See also OLEC 96-4.
Legislative agents and employers may not furnish or pay for out-of-state transportation or lodging for a legislator. KRS 6.747​
Attendance at Events