KRS Section(s) - KRS 6.611

Who is a Legislative Agent?

An individual who is engaged during at least a portion of his/her time to lobby as one of his/her official responsibilities or who is engaged in lobbying activities as a legislative liaison of an association, coalition, or public interest entity formed for the purpose of promoting or otherwise influencing legislation. [KRS 6.611(22)(a)] "Engaged" means employed or retained for compensation to lobby. [KRS 6.611(13)] "Compensation" means a salary or its equivalent. [KRS 6.611(10)] "Lobby" means, generally, to promote or oppose legislation. See KRS 6.611(26) for the full definition, with six important exceptions. See OLEC 93-38 and OLEC 93-70.

Who is not a Legislative Agent?

  • Any person who limits lobbying to appearing before public meetings, see OLEC 93-48;
  • A private citizen who receives no compensation for lobbying and who expresses a personal opinion, see OLEC 93-32; and
  • A public servant acting in his/her fiduciary capacity, with exceptions specified by statute. See KRS 6.611(22)(b), OLEC 93-50, OLEC 93-69, OLEC 94-9, and OLEC 94-27.

Who is an employer?

Any person who engages a legislative agent. See KRS 6.611(12), OLEC 93-52, and OLEC 94-31.​