Code of Ethics - Overview

Purpose of the Code

KRS Section(s) - KRS 6.606

The Code states that the proper operation of democratic government requires that:

  • A public official be independent and impartial;
  • A public official not use public office to obtain private benefits;
  • A public official avoid any action which creates the appearance that he/she is using public office to obtain a private benefit;
  • Government policy and decisions be made through the established processes of government; and
  • The public have confidence in the integrity of its government and its public officials. ( KRS 6.606)

General Provisions of the Code

  • The Code is intended to regulate conduct inside and outside the state. ( KRS 6.621)
  • Terms used in the Code are defined. ( KRS 6.611)
  • The terms "intentionally" and "knowingly" are defined for the Code. ( KRS 6.616)
  • The Code does not repeal or modify any existing criminal or penal laws of the state but is to be held and construed as ancillary and supplemental to those. ( KRS 6.631).

See Also...

  • To view a brief description of major provisions of the Code, and the applicable KRS sections - click on the hyperlink button below.
  • References are made to applicable statutory sections.
  • The exact wording of the Code (KRS 6.601 thru 6.849) should be read in analyzing a specific situation. To view a Microsoft Word version in full (KRS 6.601 thru 6.489​).
  • It is also recommended that the administrative regulations promulgated under the Code ( 2 KAR 2:010 to 2:070​) be read.
  • For a review of the Commission's Advisory Opinions, refer to the Summary of ADVISORY OPINIONS or the INDEX.
Code of Ethics - Overview