Other Applicable Law

There are many "ethics" statutes scattered throughout the KRS that apply to a broader audience that includes legislators, legislative agents, and employers. Two major areas occur in the Penal Code and in the Model Procurement Code. The relevant sections are listed below:

Penal Code

KRS Chapter 521 - Bribery and Corrupt Influences

  • KRS 521.010 - Definitions.
  • KRS 521.020 - Bribery of a public servant.
  • KRS 521.030 - Soliciting unlawful compensation.
  • KRS 521.040 - Unlawful compensation for assistance in public matters.

KRS Chapter 522 - Abuse of Public Office

  • KRS 522. 010 - Definitions.
  • KRS 522.020 - Official misconduct in the first degree.
  • KRS 522.030 - Official misconduct in the second degree.
  • KRS 522.040 - Misuse of confidential information.

Model Procurement Code

  • KRS 45A.340 - Conflicts of interest of public officers and employees.

Kentucky Constitution

Listed below are selected sections of the Constitution of Kentucky relating to standards of conduct by legislators. This list is not comprehensive.

  • Section 38 - Each house to judge qualifications, elections, and returns of its members.
  • Section 39 - Powers of each house as to rules and conduct of members--Contempt--Bribery.
  • Section 43 - Privileges from arrest and from questioning as to speech or debate.
  • Section 44 - Ineligibility of members to civil office created or given increased compensation during term.
  • Section 45 - Collector of public money ineligible unless he has quietus.
  • Section 57 - Member having personal interest to make disclosure and not vote.
  • Section 165 - Incompatible offices and employments.
  • Section 237 - Federal office incompatible with state office.
Other Applicable Law